I've found this article that is actually quite long, but very informative and on a personal level, which I highly appreciate https://standupmag.org/2018/08/10/the-terrifying-power-of-love-the-pressure-aromantic-people-face/ We need more visibility on the subject. We really do. Aromantic blogs you should check out, if you want to educate yourself, wether you question being aromantic yourself, have a loved one who... Continue Reading →


Haunted Heart

Like a typhoon trapped in a jar a storm locked in a box it feels so bizarre I guess because it seems paradox but my world fell apart when the river that used to be comfort finally ran dry like abstract art that somehow makes you cry And I want to ask you why it... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter – A Family Disappointment (2/2)

⌈Trigger Warning; depression; fights; mention of eating disorder/self harm; harsh language; dysphoria⌋ This open letter is dedicated to all those people who left my life because I'm trans. It's never easy to lose people, no matter the circumstances. Sometimes it's our fault, because we hurt their feelings, sometimes people change and part ways. No matter... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve Been – A Family Disappointment (1/2)

⌈Trigger Warning; depression; fights; harsh language; dysphoria⌋ I've been trying to write updates, and I even actually started typing several times but I simply couldn't finish anything. Even now I'm struggling to form sentences and I feel like I'd be better off deleting everything, hiding, disappearing. But even that I can't do. I was so... Continue Reading →

“This is a Phase!”

When it comes to coming out, saying "This is a phase" is probably one of the most hated responses out there. And it is completely disrespectful to say to anyone. Not just to gay/bi/pan/asexual people because it goes both ways. Nobody wants their orientation to be invalidated, no matter what age or orientation they have, that doesn't matter. You don't have... Continue Reading →

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