Boy with Period

I’m a boy, and I’m on my period.

As a transgender, I struggle with dysphoria every day. For those who don’t know what that means: It’s the uncomfortable feeling you have about your female body parts and features, including the voice and even being misgendered by others. Of course it’s different for everybody, but personally, those are my issues. I get sick to my guts and a sudden rush of depression whenever I’m reminded of my biological sex. And here comes the big deal with my period: PMS. Not only am I reminded of my female hormones and organs through the extreme (am not kidding, I actually faint and puke because of it. And no I can’t take the anti baby pill without the female hormones, my body despises it and the symptoms only worsen) pain, and blood, but also the swelling. I know quiet a lot of lucky people who don’t have that issue, but my breasts swell and harden, making it not only painful but harder to bind. I could deal with periods, if it was just the bleeding. But I’m literally cursed. I’ve tried so many things, and the only one working is rest. I don’t talk about 5 days of pain, and major depression, I talk about up to 2 weeks of all that, since I suffer from PMS, the pain and swelling sets in a week before the actual period. And at that point, any person, trans or not, would turn insane. You lose so much quality of your life!

But I’m still a boy.

I’m still a man.

I’m not a woman.

Boys can have their period too.

Don’t forget us. Don’t leave us out. Don’t make fun of us. Accept us as who we are.      Don’t say “transmen and men”

Say men.

Because that’s what we are.



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