My Dad fears my Gender 

I know it’s hard, especially for my Dad, to adjust and let things settle down. I know it’s a slow process. But it’s not okay to tell me “it’s a phase” just because you’ve seen me in dresses and make up before. First of all, those things are unisex. It doesn’t make you less of a man or a woman to do things considered “male” or “female”. I don’t like the concept of genderroles as I prefer to be a free human being. Second of all, nobody has the right to say that. He said, that when one is intelligent, they can fake transsexuality. But who would want that? What for? To feel upset, to experience body dysphoria? It makes absolutely no sense. If it’d be up to me, I would not go through this. But this is who I am and I accept myself.

I understand that he fears for my safety. But I wish instead of fearing my gender identity, he’d have my back and make sure I am safe.

We all have the right to be who we are in every sense of being. 

We are free to be free 



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