Respect my Name

sister: Why do you still like this? I thought you want to be a boy.

me: What are you talking about? I can like what I want.

sister: But you want to be a boy.

me: I am a boy.

sister: *sneers* no, ⌈birthname⌋ you’re a girl!

me: I’ve never been a girl… And that’s not my name!

sister: It is your fucking name, read it on your ID!

me: it’s not my name. I’m not a girl. 

sister: Oh come on now. You’re a girl who wants to be a boy, which is definitely a phase. I mean look at you! You’ll never be a real man. Simply because you’re a girl and that’s all there is to it.

dad: *sigh* ⌈birthname⌋ now don’t be ridiculous. You want a sex change.

me: it’s not called change. I don’t change. adjust.

sister: *roles eyes* who the fuck cares

me: I do!

sister: *walks away annoyed*

me: Yeah, run away! You all claim to be fucking tolerant! You claim to not have anything against transgender people until it’s happening in your family, right?! Fucking hypocrite!

dad: *angry* Don’t yell, ⌈birthname⌋. Be respectful!


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