Let Me Run Away For a While

I feel stuck. Stuck in life, in my transitioning. Even though I am now officially diagnosed as transgender and will recieve HRT starting October. I feel stuck. Honestly I just wanted to run away, but where to go? I don’t want to stay somewhere all by myself. And as I was thinking to myself when I could possibly travel, which would’ve been by the end of the year since then my best friend would have time, I got a message. I’ll go to Edinburgh on Monday for a whole week. I’ve never traveled by myself, which scares me to be honest, but I’m excited. Excited to run away for a while. To escape my daily life that consists of going to sleep at 7am and waking up at noon. Doing nothing but waiting for the next day. Literally drowning in depression. Feeling bad about my life and non-existent achievements. A week of being recognised as the boy I am is ahead of me. 

You have no idea how lucky I feel right now!


3 thoughts on “Let Me Run Away For a While

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  1. This sounds extremely familiar 🙂 Glad you´re taking a break!
    The feeling of being stuck goes away. It will come and go throughout your transition. It´s always temporary though.


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