Gender Dysphoria

What is Gender Dysphoria and what does it feel like? ⌈This might trigger those suffering from dysphoria⌋ Gender dysphoria (formerly Gender Identity Disorder) is defined by strong, persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one's own assigned sex that results in significant distress or impairment. — There's different types of dysphoria and not... Continue Reading →

Rape Culture

⌈Trigger-Warning for victims of sexual assault/rape/non-consensual⌋ I don't know a single woman who wasn't sexually harassed, yet. Not a single one who did not get catcalled. Not one who doesn't feel the need to say more than "no" to sex, because a sick stomach is more of an excuse than simply not wanting to have intercourse. A... Continue Reading →

I’m not an IT

I am not an it. I am not an object. I have a pulse. I have a beating heart. I am made of stardust. I am made up of skin and bones. and you still call me an it. -Anonymous  I've talked to my dad, who keeps misgendering me, and I asked him to at least try to... Continue Reading →

My Dad fears my Gender 

I know it's hard, especially for my Dad, to adjust and let things settle down. I know it's a slow process. But it's not okay to tell me "it's a phase" just because you've seen me in dresses and make up before. First of all, those things are unisex. It doesn't make you less of... Continue Reading →

Where is your humanity?!

This post will contain harsh language as I'm refusing to be polite at this point. Looking through posts from other people is something I always enjoy. So I settled down to see what they post when you search for "transgender". And I'm disgusted. Where is your humanity? Don't you have any respect for other people or is it just... Continue Reading →

Boy with Period

I'm a boy, and I'm on my period. As a transgender, I struggle with dysphoria every day. For those who don't know what that means: It's the uncomfortable feeling you have about your female body parts and features, including the voice and even being misgendered by others. Of course it's different for everybody, but personally,... Continue Reading →


The start of my "medical"/psychological journey started on Tuesday 5pm! I was extremely nervous about the appointment, meeting my new therapist for the first time. This is important. I'm actually very used to therapists, as I've been to several on and off over the past 10 years, though never because of my gender identity, but because of... Continue Reading →

What is Damndelion?

It's a story/series I'm working on that's been lurking in my mind for a very long time now and it demands to be finally written. I usually never show anyone what I write, it feels kind of intimate, if that makes sense. For those who are interested in reading it, just click and you'll be lead to... Continue Reading →

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