They Taught Me

They taught me that I’m pretty. But I shouldn’t talk, because nobody will listen. I shouldn’t try hard, because nobody will care. I shouldn’t cry, because nobody will see. They didn’t know I was witty. They taught me that I’m beautiful. So I lied to them, because nobody wanted to hear the truth. I cried... Continue Reading →

Haunted Heart

Like a typhoon trapped in a jar a storm locked in a box it feels so bizarre I guess because it seems paradox but my world fell apart when the river that used to be comfort finally ran dry like abstract art that somehow makes you cry And I want to ask you why it... Continue Reading →

This isn’t Bravery

⌈This might me triggering for those suffering from depression and/or dysphoria⌋ People tell me, how brave I am for taking this path. For transitioning. They talk about it as if I am some sort of hero. But I'm really not. What exactly is brave about this journey? This is not a choice. It was forced upon me.  Being... Continue Reading →

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