They Taught Me

They taught me that I’m pretty. But I shouldn’t talk, because nobody will listen. I shouldn’t try hard, because nobody will care. I shouldn’t cry, because nobody will see. They didn’t know I was witty. They taught me that I’m beautiful. So I lied to them, because nobody wanted to hear the truth. I cried... Continue Reading →

I’m Devastated

⌈Trigger Warning; language, female body functions, eating disorder, self harm, mention of suicide⌋ When I started testosterone my period stopped instantly. It was the major reason why my depression had improved so much. I was able to eat a lot more, I gained weight and was the happiest I've ever been. But as soon as... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter – A Family Disappointment (2/2)

⌈Trigger Warning; depression; fights; mention of eating disorder/self harm; harsh language; dysphoria⌋ This open letter is dedicated to all those people who left my life because I'm trans. It's never easy to lose people, no matter the circumstances. Sometimes it's our fault, because we hurt their feelings, sometimes people change and part ways. No matter... Continue Reading →

“This is a Phase!”

When it comes to coming out, saying "This is a phase" is probably one of the most hated responses out there. And it is completely disrespectful to say to anyone. Not just to gay/bi/pan/asexual people because it goes both ways. Nobody wants their orientation to be invalidated, no matter what age or orientation they have, that doesn't matter. You don't have... Continue Reading →

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